meena suvari

Mena Suvari checks out the goods. Photo: Michael Buckner, Getty Images

At the Fourth Annual Lia Sophia Clam Bake on the cliffs of Malibu's Paradise Cove, designer Dani Stahl introduced her latest collection of costume jewelry to Hollywood's taste makers. Mena Suvari, Lindsay Lohan and birthday girl Lisa Rinna stopped by for some of the biggest lobster I've ever seen. And with big lobster came big jewelry.

"This is exactly my style. I love big accessories! I'm a huge fan of art deco and geometric designs," said Mena Suvari, wearing Alice + Olivia.

"I'm always wearing jeans. We've got to get out of the jeans and wear a nice little summer sexy dress," said the "American Beauty" actress who shopped for bracelets and necklaces.

Designer Dani Stahl hosted the Clam Bake with stylist Rachel Zoe, model-turned-actress Estella Warren and Fingerprint's Jessica Meisels.

lindsay lohan

Lindsay with designer Dani. Photo: Michael Buckner, Getty Images

"The inspiration for the collection this year is fun and positive energy. All the colors are bright and florescent and poppy, which goes with the energy of the Red Carpet Collection that I design," Stahl said of her line, which features pink loop bracelets, long double-wrapped gold and silver necklaces and coral and turquoise art deco rings.

"It's always embedded in a vintage inspiration like you could have found it in your grandmother's closet. This collection veers a little more with the fluorescents, but the design concept behind it still remains the same," Stahl added.

Speaking of design, it looks like Lindsay Lohan might try her hand at jewelry -- WWD reports that she spoke to Stahl about designing for her next red carpet collection!

Rinna stopped by with her family to celebrate her "23rd" birthday.

"This is my favorite birthday present ever!" she said while putting on an Egyptian-style circle pendant.

lisa rinna

Lisa Rinna in a pendant almost as big as her birthday cake! Photo: Michael Buckner, Getty Images