Ray-Ban "Cats 5000" aviators in dark cyclamen pink, $139; at Ray-Ban.com. Photo courtesy of Ray-Ban

The pesky thing about shopping online is you don't get to try the items on.

Iconic sunglasses brand Ray-Ban feels your pain and is doing something "techy" about it.

Along with launching its online store, Ray-Ban announced yesterday (July 15) that it is also featuring a virtual mirror where you can try on each pair of sunglasses through new 3-D technology.

Developed by FittingBox, the program is based on the new "augmented reality concept" (sounds very sci-fi!) and can be accessed through any computer with a Webcam.

The program then transforms the computer screen into a virtual mirror. (At-work lipstick application just got a whole lot easier!)

The program also allows customers to compare different styles at the same time. Shoppers can then save, print or share options before buying -- great for those who need a little help in the decision-making process.

If all online stores adopted this technology, just think of the possibilities! We might never have to deal with bad lighting and unflattering three-way mirrors again!

Thanks, Ray-Ban!