From left to right: Jesus Luz, Stefano Gabbana, Madonna and Domenico Dolce at Gold in Milan. Photo: Startraks Photo

Earlier this week Madonna grabbed dinner at Gold in Milan, Italy with model/beau Jesus Luz and designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (ya know, D&G) wearing the Italian label's silver leopard dress (cougar alert?).

Now, Stefano Gabbana has revealed inside details on the intimate dinner via the Dolce & Gabbana blog!

Stefano spilled on Madge's diva behavior including: "'Madonna requested bunches of gardenia and strobe lights...mojitos, limoncello and champagne.'"

Later on, the "Like a Virgin" star took to the dance floor, with Stefano reporting, "'She was pulled into a circle of her dancers; there was a thrilling moment of free style, it really was something amazing to watch.'"

Gardenias? Check. Strobe lights and festive cocktails? Check, check. Freestyle dancing and a hot model on hand? That's something only Madonna herself could supply!