Rihanna's new mohawk -- will this trend take off? Photo: X17online.com

Rihanna has been spotted in NYC sporting a new 'do -- a mohawk!

The mega-star is certainly no stranger to starting beauty trends; um, the asymmetric, angled bob of '07 that resulted in a firestorm of copy-cuts from coast to coast. (We're pretty sure there are still some folks out there clinging to this one.)

But a mohawk? It takes a lot of guts to buzz your hair off, so I've got to give props to someone willing to take a beauty risk, especially when so many celebrities play it safe, leaving us with nothing to gossip about.

Singer Cassie is an exception, she recently flaunted a freshly-shaved look -- one side of her head is basically bald.

I really doubt mohawks will catch on as a national trend, and maybe that's why Rihanna did it. I'd get pretty sick of everyone copying my hair, too!