balenciaga fall 2009

Behold! No eyebrows at Balenciaga Fall 2009. Photo: Karl Prouse, Catwalking/Getty Images

Eyebrows are currently creating quite a stir in the fashion and beauty industries. Or should we say the lack of eyebrows...

A small but undeniable trend is picking up steam -- that being the trend of bleaching or (gulp!) waxing eyebrows into oblivion.

The result? A very bizarre, androgynous alien creature completely void of expression. (But why doesn't it look weird on Whoopi Goldberg?)

It started on the Fall 2009 runways of Balenciaga and Prada (fashion and beauty editors were shocked that someone was able to convince the top models to bleach their brows), and then came Brazilian bombshell Adriana Lima as a brow-free Marilyn Manson-lookalike for the latest Givenchy campaign.

Now the August cover of Italian Vogue features model Kristen McMenamy, also sans brows. Edgy McMenamy has been sporting this look on and off since the early Nineties, making her the patron saint of fashion icons minus eyebrows. (Well, her and Queen Elizabeth I.)

A great question was posed in this article from the Daily Mail about whether or not the non-conformist trend will trickle down to the masses, like punk did in the 1970s.

I'm sure a few lovers of the avant garde will give it a go, but I don't see how anyone else in their right mind would want to embrace the look

The article goes on to explain how eyebrows are linked to sex appeal and pretty much every expression a human face can make, which is why people look so alien when brows are taken away. (Also check out the Daily Mail's gallery of celebrities with their eyebrows airbrushed away. It's hilarious!)

What's your take on the latest trend of eyebrow removal? Tell us in a comment!