kitson nail polishes

Kitson's bright ideas. Photo courtesy of Kitson

Los Angeles shopping mecca Kitson just launched an assortment of rainbow-colored nail polishes ($10 each), which will likely be spotted on the digits of boutique regulars Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan any day now.

Staying true to its roots, Kitson gave each color an LA-inspired name. For summer, we're all about "Kitson Blue" and "Malibu Pink." Come fall, "Robertson Purple" and "LA Nights" will be our colors of choice.

With shimmery and matte options (non glossy is the "it" nail trend through fall!) in a myriad of shades, these lacquers are a great way to brighten up your beauty routine.

Plus, any combination of the above will come in handy for the below competition. Paint away!

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