barack obama pitch

Barack Obama: Style strike-out with his jeans at the All-Star game? Photo by Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images

It's a problem a lot of professional men have: They know how to wear a suit and, boy, do they look good.

But come the weekend, when they have to mix and match less tailored separates, the polish fades and the inner little boy is revealed.

So last week when President Obama threw out the first pitch at the All-Star game, we applauded the conviction he demonstrated by wearing a White Sox jacket -- no "Oh, I love all the teams in the USA" stuff for him. Great choice.

But those jeans? Was the leader of the free world really wearing mom jeans that looked like they'd been around since 1994?

Yes, yes he was.

On one hand, I guess we should all be OK with this. He obviously has much more important things on his mind than denim trends. And certainly if he had strutted on to the field in Sevens or some other premium brand, there would have been a hue and cry about the money he spends on clothes, and whether or not taxpayers are footing the bill for a stylist.

On the other hand, he's a smart guy. And his wife is arguably the style role model for American women right now. Don't you think they'd come up with something just a little more, uh, chic?

Obama says no. He tells NBC's "Today" that really, his focus is elsewhere.

"Here's my attitude: Michelle, she looks fabulous. ... For people who want a president to look great in tight jeans, I'm sorry," he says.

You know what? Style is really all about expressing yourself. For being true to himself -- that guy the nation elected to focus on helping Americans find jobs again, getting along better with the rest of the world and taking care of our children's birthright -- he gets no argument here.