Demi Moore's shocking (but fake) mohawk. Click the photo to see our favorite celebrity hair styles. Photo: APlusk,

StyleList readers disapproved of the mohawk Rihanna was spotted wearing late last week, but did the singer's creative coiffure spark a celebrity trend? Yesterday this photo of Demi Moore sportin' her own punk rock 'do had the Twitterati in a frenzy. Could it be real? Is it for a role? Is Demi just nostalgic for her days as GI Jane?

Demi's mohawk pic photo first appeared on Ashton Kutcher's Twitter account, which you'd assume was a reliable source. But turns out the hair-raising rumor was a fake -- Kutcher was joking (and is surprisingly adept with Photoshop).

The actor posted
: "Wifey just got a new haircut. What do you guys think? I love it."

Apparently sensing a dare, Moore responded within minutes on her Twitter feed: "I have a buzzer ready baby."

Seems like even Demi isn't safe from her prankster husband -- at least she has a sense of humor!

The Best Celebrity Hair Cuts

    Victoria Beckham's Pixie
    A significant change from her trend-blazing angled crop of last year, this Spice girl's new 'do softens her features and makes her look less structured, says her stylist, New York's Garren. However, Garren warns that this cut isn't for everyone. An angular face shape, high cheekbones and big almond eyes carry off the striking cut best.

    By: Melissa Goldberg

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    Rihanna's Trendy Crop

    In order to pull off this songstress's daring cut, elegant features and a bold stroke of confidence are a must. "Rihanna's pixie cut showcases her high cheek bones and long neckline," says the star's stylist, Ursula Stephen. "What's great is that it's so low-maintenance all you need are regular trims and a great pomade!"

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    Katie Holmes' Classic Crop

    The perfect mixture of easy maintenance and elegance, this cut is, "very convenient for on-the-go soccer moms who aren't afraid of stilettos," says Michael Murphy, Color Director at NYC's Eiji Salon, who has worked with Mrs. Cruise. "It's modern and glam, and is perfect for both heart-shaped and thin faces with hollowness at the jowels. Stay away if you have a full face - it'll exaggerate the roundness," adds Murphy.

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    Gwyneth Paltrow's Blunt Shoulder Bob

    Reinventing herself this year, this busy mom's new style looks amazing worn both curly or straight. "This cut is a refreshing departure from her older, longer hair that was dragging her face down. The shorter length is more uplifiting and draws attention to her delicate features. It's perfect for oval, diamond and square shaped faces," says NYC Salon Owner & Stylist Mark Garrison.

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    Reese Witherspoon's Growing Out Bangs

    If you're growing out bangs, look to this starlet's clever new cut to see how it's done gracefully. "The sexy waves are useful for growing out bangs because it adds flowing transition to the different layers of hair. Cut your bangs to an angle so they sweep easily to the side, and use a lightweight gel and side part to help them stay put," advises NYC Salon Owner & Stylist Mark Garrison.

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    Jessica Biel's Layered Shoulder Bob

    Jessica's round face is slimmed by the playful layers of an above-the-shoulder bob, which also shows off the star's sexy shoulders. While this cut works beautifully for sweetheart and round face shapes, stay away if you're one of those gals who has to be able to quickly pull her hair into a ponytail; the flyaways can be especially testy.

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    Jennifer Lopez's Modern Farrah Fawcett

    If you're fickle and love to change styles often like Jennifer, a length and cut like this lends itself to trying new looks. "It has movement, softness and sexiness all at once, but allows you to create because there's a lot of hair to work with," says Juan Carlos Maciques, celeb stylist at NYC's Rita Hazan Salon. "If you want to offset strong or prominent features, this cut will soften your look," suggests Maciques.

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    Christie Brinkley's Long, Classic Layers

    Who says you have to cut your hair after you're 40? This supermodel shows us that long, healthy hair looks great at any age. "This sexy, rock and roll cut allows Christie to keep her length and maintain versatility for different styles. My signature "valiage" highlighting technique where I brush highlights on without foils also lifts her skin tone," says Brinkley's stylist, Ricardo Rojas of NYC's Ricardo Rojas Salon.

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    Debra Messing's Layered Curls

    The key to this red-headed raven's locks are long piecey layers and a youthful center part that makes her look "hippy chic," says her longtime stylist, Suave Celebrity Hair Stylist, Luke O'Connor. "There's no limits as to who can wear this look because it flows past the chin and frames the face wherever you want it to," adds O'Connor.

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    Jessica Alba's Face Framing Bangs

    Sexy and touchable, Jessica's bangs are "wind-swept and not perfectly laying across her forehead," says her stylist, Robert Ramos. Ramos suggests blow-drying bangs from side to side with your fingers in order to get the tousled effect. Bonus: the long layered cut works on just about every face shape and hair texture, and the styling possibilities are endless.

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