Michelle goes short. Photo: Matthew Cavanaugh, Pool/Getty Images.

Just when we thought the first lady had settled into a signature style -- poof! Michelle Obama debuts a brand new 'do.

Her new cut is a short, layered bob with a side part -- very professional and polished.

The nape-length back is perfect for summer as it has the cooling effect of wearing your hair up, but with the face-framing benefit of wearing your hair down.

And while the front layers are definitely snipped shorter, we still can't help but be a wee bit suspicious.

This wouldn't be the first time Mrs. O fooled us by faking a cut--she has a penchant for up-dos that give the illusion of shorter hair without the scissors (here are a few examples).

Update: As it turned out, it was a fake! Michelle's stylist told Urban Beauty Collective that he simply tucked up her hair, as we had guessed. Either way, it looked great.