Worried about "cankles" this summer? You're not alone! Photo by Getty Images.

So I'm just finally getting my head around dealing with summer tummy and thigh issues, following years of advice to emphasize a body part you like better -- in my case, my legs -- when along comes the Wall Street Journal today.

The venerable newspaper, best know for its finance vs fashion coverage, says now everyone is fretting about "cankles!"

Gold's Gym has dubbed July "Cankle Awareness Month" and created a web site and workout devoted to ending fat ankles. Some folks are following the advice of Anthony Preischel, a trainer at Mid City Gym in Manhattan, who prescribes an overnight application of hemorrhoid cream and an elastic bandage for temporary appearance enhancement. Those serious about the issue can also take advantate of liposuction, the newspaper reports.

It is definitely true that a gladiator sandal or cropped pants can draw attention to the issue. But one doctor warns spot reduction through diet or exercise is unlikely. The cause of chubby ankles can be genetic, related to obseity or injury.

Your best bet? Have the courage to change the things you can (back to the work-outs to shed that mid-section!) and the serenity to accept the things you can't. In other words, steer clear of ankle-attention clothing and shoes, and wear something that, uh, emphasizes a body part you like better.

See, style always comes back to the basics, no matter what the trendy worry of the week is.