the standard grill

Where the fashionably fabulous feast. Photo:

Fashionable New York finally has a power restaurant to rival Michael's, the famous Midtown lunch place for media moguls.

Designed by Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch of New York-based firm Roman and Williams, The Standard Grill -- which opened this summer as part of Andre Balazs' Standard Hotel in the shadow of the new High Line park -- has become the favored dining place of fashionistas who normally wouldn't look twice at a carrot stick.

On Tuesday night Vogue's Anna Wintour was in quiet conversation with Oscar and Annette de la Renta at a banquette on the north side of the dining room, while about 30 feet away on the south side, Michael Kors was having a much more vocal good time with a table full of male friends.

The fashion photographer and Elle creative director Gilles Bensimon (whom we'll forgive for being the ex-husband of "Real Housewives of New York" harpie, Kelly Bensimon) occupied a prime booth nearby, the fabled "table 62."

"When Diane (von Furstenberg, whose studio is a block away) comes in, she always says 'table 62, dahling,'" laughs an insider. Fortunately for Monsieur Bensimon, La von Furstenberg did not not arrive wile we has enjoying his meal with an attractive female companion.

Outside, the Grill's beer garden has not yet officially opened. But a few small groups (including names like Rachael Zoe and Kate Hudson) were enjoying the outdoor bar, complete with two ping pong tables. (Rachael was playing in a billowing, colorful pants suit that looked like something Mischa Barton would wear if they remade "Valley of the Dolls" in her psych ward.)

The Standard Grill has "preview menu" stamped on its list of dishes, a term that denotes exclusivity so well that the Graydon Carter's equally celeb-friendly Waverly Inn is still doing it more than two years after it opened. With its auspicious opening this summer, the Grill can be expected to give it a run for its (customers') money.