Dutch design duo Viktor & Rolf are poised to make a mainstream splash with their new fragrance, Eau Mega. Photo: Getty Images

Could it be? Are Viktor & Rolf courting the masses?

Die-hard fans of the avant-garde Dutch design duo may find this a bitter pill to swallow, but all signs point to "yes."

When I attended a recent press event for Viktor & Rolf's second women's fragrance, Eau Mega, I was expecting the beauty editors to be as divided as they were for V&R's first scent, Flowerbomb, a gourmand-floral explosion that's wonderfully outrageous to some, and overly obtrusive to others. That wasn't the case this time around.

Eau Mega is easy. It's a big green floral, designed to express the ultimate freshness and fluidity of water.

Unlike Flowerbomb (and many of Viktor & Rolf's designs), Eau Mega is far from the kind of fragrance that those in-the-know smugly "get," while less fashion-y types don't.

Instead, it's a blast of bright, happy notes like violet leaf and pear; the kind of fragrance that you can wear to the office or for a night out with equal ease.

It's pretty with a capital "P." It's edge-free -- everyone will love it. Even those who've never even heard of Viktor & Rolf.

And I'd venture to guess that's precisely the point.

Eau Mega launches in the U.S. in October.