First, Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff of ecostiletto went one-on-one with Dita Von Teese, delving into the queen of burlesque's accidentally eco love of vintage. Then, she landed an exclusive interview with "it" actress Amy Smart, who despite her environmental activism confessed to an eco-unfriendly sin.

Sarnoff strikes again. This time, chatting with Jessica Capshaw, who opens up about Ellen Pompeo's maternity makeup, her own guilt-free beauty choices and drawing the line at Dior. So, without further ado, here's our favorite green girl Rachel.

Get ready for a must-see sixth season of "Grey's Anatomy," when Jessica Capshaw returns to Seattle Grace as pediatrician Arizona Robbins -- the lesbian love interest of Dr. Callie Torres, played by Sara Ramirez.

Jessica Capshaw Grey's Anatomy

Actress Jessica Capshaw at 3.1 Phillip Lim's Los Angeles store one-year anniversary party. Photo: Getty Images

Currently shooting 14-hour days -- and mum on storylines -- Capshaw took a break to talk about her growing environmentalism and the conventional makeup she just can't give up.

Although her character is groundbreaking -- Ramirez and Capshaw play the only openly gay characters currently on network television -- the actress, who is the daughter of Jessica Capshaw and stepdaughter to Steven Spielberg, keeps it in perspective. "I'm playing a female doctor who happens to be gay," the blonde beauty explains.

Speaking of beauty, the actress reveals that Ellen Pompeo's pregnancy has inspired a whole new range of eco-friendly makeup on the "Grey's" set.

"She's only using all-natural makeup. But I can't imagine the entire cast is that way. I hope that at some point there will be all-natural makeup that can achieve the effects you need on camera, but right now they just can't. I think it's okay to mix and match," says Capshaw.

Capshaw's favorite natural beauty products? "Sonya Dakar's Organic Omega-3 Complex is the best thing ever. I can't wait to see Josie Maran Cosmetics new and improved line because I'm always looking for makeup with a wider range of colors."

The actress is candid about the role beauty plays in her life, saying: "To be honest, makeup is a big part of what I do for a living. I use only essential oils for perfumes. I gave up the artificial shampoos that were supposed to make my hair look like Gisele's and I have to tell you, my hair looks the same using the organic products as it did using the ones crammed with chemicals."

But Capshaw does draw the line, "I'll never give up my Dior mascara," she declares.

Her green motto: "Do the best that you can. You can't completely change everything at once. We kind of find the little ways we can change things. And any step towards the better is, obviously, better."

Capshaw attributes much of her groundedness to husband, Christopher Gavigan, who is the Executive Director and CEO of Healthy Child, Healthy World, a national non-profit organization devoted to children's environmental health.

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