Are these two taking color cues from one another? Photos: Ice |

Last week, Lindsay Lohan emerged from the Byron and Tracey Salon with long, light blonde extensions.

This week, Britney Spears emerged from the Andy LeCompte Salon with long, light blonde extensions.

What's more: Lindsay was right there with her.

Perhaps, Spears brought Lohan along as an example of the look she was going for (sure beats a picture from a magazine!) or did LiLo stop by to convince the singer to go back to her platinum roots? Could be that Lohan was there by pure coincidence having something else done to her own mane.

Whatever the case, we wish Lohan would embrace her gorgeous natural berry color and that Spears would give her poor hair a break -- the shaving, the extensions, the bleach... have mercy!

But apparently, Spears is happy with her new look. This morning she tweeted: "Blondes do have more fun..."

We smell trouble!