Jenny and Gemma Gucci have been barred from using their own last name commercially for a long list of goods. Photo: Franco Origlia, Getty Images

What's in a name? A lot apparently!

A U.S. District Court Judge ruled yesterday that both the ex-wife (Jenny) and daughter (Gemma) of the late Paolo Gucci are barred from using their last name on everything from handbags, cosmetics and bedding to gelato and coffee, as reported in The Huffington Post.

The trademark infringement case was brought on by Gucci America against Jenny and Gemma. The latter has a jewelry line: "Gemma by Gemma Gucci," which Jenny argued Paolo previously allowed, despite the use of the last name, according to the site. (The two were married for 13 years before divorcing in 1990.)

But Judge Richard Berman said defendants, "did not take precautions to avoid infringing plaintiff's trademarks."

Paolo Gucci was the grandson of the luxury company's founder and referred to by The New York Times as a "prestigious, but litigious designer."

Paolo passed away in 1995 after much family drama over the company, which resulted in the remaining Guccis being pushed out.

Today, Gucci is owned by French fashion giant, PPR -- whose impressive roster also includes high-end brands Alexander McQueen, YSL and Stella McCartney.

So much for keeping it in the family!