black and white women in heels suits

High heels -- demeaning or just sexy? Photo: Getty Images

Hold onto your stilettos, ladies!

The predominantly male, UK-based Trade Union Congress has called for a ban on high heels in the workplace, reports the Daily Mail.

Their argument? Pumps are demeaning to women.

The TUC has also cited health and safety concerns as a reason for wanting to put the kibosh on heels over an inch high.

And while it's no secret that heels can wreak havoc on the body and cause a tumble or two -- or maybe even result in a mugging -- UK businesswomen have responded by demanding their right to Louboutins.

And we don't blame them! Extra height helps women adopt a more confident and aggressive pose in the business world, literally leveling the corporate playing field.

Okay, so maybe we can understand the bigwigs frowning at this season's hot caged heel trend, but we think this issue could all be resolved if HR simply started throwing some walking-in-heels seminars as part of their employee training. No pratfalls, no problem.

Or, we could offer a compromise. Guys, we'll stop wearing high heels when you do (Robert Downey, Jr. and Prince, we're talking to you!).