kim kardashian jennifer lopez

Kim Kardashian taking her beauty cues from Jennifer Lopez circa 2006? Only her makeup artist knows for sure. Photo: Kevin Mazur, WireImage | John Shearer, WireImage

Well, she already has the booty.

Kim Kardashian showed what a damn good Jennifer Lopez impression she can do, as evidenced by her appearance at the 2009 "Teen Choice Awards."

With her updated hair and makeup, she emitted the same J. Lo glow that made the singer/actress/paparazzi magnet such a beauty icon.

So what does it take to look like J.Lo, version 2.0? Perfectly smooth, golden highlighted hair certainly helps, but really, it's all about the makeup: Bronzed skin, peachy lips and cheeks, light eye makeup and major eyelashes are the hallmarks of the look, and she nailed each element with precision.

So is this beauty homage to Jennifer Lopez coincidental or completely intentional? My money's on the latter: Kardashian has recently been working with makeup artist Scott Barnes, the man responsible for said "J. Lo Glow" who still works with Lopez herself.,feedConfig,entry&id=459573&pid=459572&uts=1249937006
Blonde Hair Flipbook
See Katherine McPhee's new 'do plus more stars who went blonde.
Ellen Von Unweth

Blonde Hair Flipbook

    Kim Goes Streaking
    Kim Kardashian has faked us out before, but this time it's not a wig--it's real! Kardashian debuted these J.Lo-style highlights just in time for the 2009 Teen Choice Awards in August.

    Katharine McPhee's Blonde Ambition
    The formerly brunette American Idol alum went platinum in August 2009 while shooting a cover for her upcoming album, "Unbroken."

    Ellen Von Unweth

    Britney's Back in Blonde
    Just days after Lindsay Lohan scored her long blonde extensions, Britney followed suit in August 2009. Reports have even said that Lohan stopped by the Andy LeCompte Salon in LA while Brit was getting bleached. Perhaps the two stars were going for the same look?


    Lindsay Lohan's Blonde Extensions
    LiLo looked unsure of her new blonde 'do on July 29th. We have to admit, the excessive extensions and banana-yellow color don't do her justice, especially compared to her gorgeous natural hue!


    Angelina Jolie on the set of Salt
    Jolie makes a drastic beauty switch in her new movie role transforming from a raven-haired femme fatale to a blonde all-business woman.


    Drew Barrymore, January 2009
    Drew Barrymore's locks have vacillated between shades of honey, caramel, and sunny blond, but this is the first time we're seeing her with an all-out platinum 'do. Her hair looks full and funky swept up in a punky updo, which is a huge tress trend for spring.

    Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde
    Witherspoon's Elle Woods inspired blondes everywhere to follow their dreams while staying true to their gorgeous hair color.

    Tracy Bennett, 12/MGM/The Kobal Collection/

    Marilyn Monroe at her Home in 1953
    Not much needs to be said about the infamous Ms Monroe, whose blonde locks and stunning beauty speak for themselves.

    Alfred Eisenstaedt, Pix Inc., Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images

    Pamela Anderson in Baywatch
    Anderson's role as C.J. Parker on '90s hit Baywatch, landed her a place in the blond hall of fame.

    Kobal, BAYWATCH CO/TOWER 12 PRODS/The Kobal Collection/

    Nicole Richie at a 2007 Pool Party in Beverly Hills
    As she grew from notorious party girl to mature new mom, Richie's ditched her ratty extensions for this gorgeous shade of blonde.

    Gregg DeGuire,