Add a bit of eggplant or classic red to your closet -- Real Simple says they both flatter all. Photos: Getty Images

If a fashionable closet were to be quartered into segments by Real Simple, you would likely find it divided by the four colors the editors are calling universally flattering: Eggplant, Classic Red, Rose and Indian Teal.

  • Eggplant: Versatile enough for both warm weather and cooler fall, the plummy aubergine shade is just the right blend of blue and red, keeping the color balanced for your complexion and outfit, says the magazine.
  • Classic Red: The siren hue is making a big comeback for fall. Perhaps, it's all the meshing of politics and fashion of late -- Michelle Obama is the style icon du jour, after all. Real Simple states that the best shade when it comes to the color of power is right between an orange hue and the cool blue-reds on the lips of Hitchcock heroines.

Rosy pink and Indian teal were also cited by the magazine as universal winners. Photos: Getty Images

  • Rosy Pink: Being called an "English Rose" is a high compliment, and as it turns out, the color rose highly complements. The ideal interpretation of the subtle shade is somewhere between true pink and hard-to-wear peach. According to make-up artist Sonia Kashuk, it highlights complexions, reports Real Simple.
  • Indian Teal: An unexpected universally flattering shade, the blue-green combo highlights all skin tones with its unique position as a toned down bright. The color goes well with neutrals, highlighting khakis (and summer tans) and pairs perfectly with darker browns and blacks for fall, says the site.
Now if only getting dressed were as easy as 1-2-3-4!