Kelly Clarkson was noticeably slimmed down for her SELF cover. Photo courtesy of SELF

The latest magazine cover to stir up a Photoshop controversy: women's health guide SELF.

Cover girl Kelly Clarkson, no stranger to retouching, is a sliver of her normal self on the September issue.

The slimming down is causing such a stir that SELF editor Lucy Danziger addressed the issue on her blog.

The first line of the post: "Do we retouch? Yes!"

Aside from regular celebrity retouching, Danziger openly admits to asking the art department to "shave off" a little from her own hips in a photo of her finishing a marathon that ran in the magazine.

"Whether she (Clarkson) is up or down in pounds is irrelevant (and to set the record straight, she works out and does boot-camp-style training, so she is as fit as anyone else we have featured in SELF)," Danziger writes.

"Kelly says she doesn't care what people think of her weight. So we say: That is the role model for the rest of us."

But, tell us, if Kelly is fine with her weight, why retouch at all?

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