Christie's YSL auction, Ming dynasty basin

This Ming Dynasty Fahua basin will be part of YSL's next auction. Photo courtesy of Christie's

In YSL part deux, Christie's will be auctioning off additional items from late designer Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé's collection.

The second sale is slated to take place in Paris on November 17-19, with proceeds benefiting HIV research and the fight against AIDS.

Considering that the luxurious lot from February's first go-around brought in a whopping $477 million, we weren't surprised to see famous (and expensive) artifacts -- this time from the couple's Château Gabriel -- on the auction list.

Early price estimates place the nearly 1,200 works of art, furniture and relics between a cool $4.25 to $5.67 million.

Offerings are rich in history, i.e., a Napoleon III era couches, Monet painting, 19th century Indian rug, Louis XIV furniture and this pricey Ming Dynasty Fahua basin (above) from the early 16th century, which is estimated to fetch $56,664 - $85,000.

The last YSL auction brought about political issues between France and China over two Ming bronze heads that were sold against the Chinese government's wishes.

With the Ming basin up for grabs, expect similar tension come November.

What's fashion without a little drama?