Debbie Harry is hairless in the brow department. Photo: John E. Espinosa,

If you pay attention to the latest fashion and beauty trends, then you may already know that no eyebrows is the look du jour.

And we're not talking thin and penciled-in either. These are plucked-down-to-every-last-hair or bleached-til-they're-invisible brows (if you can still call them that).

Exhibit A: Debbie Harry (above). She was just seen sans brows at a Blondie concert in New Jersey.

Was Harry following inspired by the no-brow look recently spotted on runways from Balenciaga to Prada? Or in recent ad campaigns for luxe labels like Givenchy?

"It is a fantastic look," The New York Times quoted makeup artist Mindy Hall as saying. "On the right face, it's gorgeous. On the wrong face shape, it's not so ... You wouldn't use the word 'gorgeous' for it."

What do you think? Does Harry have the right face?

To brow or not to brow? That is the question. Leave a comment and vote in our poll.

If you don't find less to be more, check out the alternative -- the full-on, bushy brow à la Brooke Shields back in the day.