Stella McCartney is in hot water over StellaNude scent. Photo: Ben Brittain Cohen, Getty Images

Designer Stella McCartney and Bono's wife Ali Hewson are in a battle over their similarly named ventures, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Hewson and her business partner Bryan Meehan have a company called Nude Skincare, which specializes in natural probiotic products.

When the line was founded a couple of years ago, Hewson suggested naming it Nude, the reverse of Edun, Bono and Hewson's green clothing line.

Now McCartney is naming her newest scent -- out this fall -- StellaNude.

"Nude Skincare is suing for compensation, not because of anything to do with the scent of the perfume but because of branding and the use of the word 'nude,'" the Daily Mail was told by an undisclosed source.
Apparently, McCartney's people are hoping to settle out of court.

"Stella isn't likely to make any changes now because the fragrance is coming out in September and nudity is a big part of the perfume's 'look,'" an anonymous source told the paper.

"The bottle, for example, is a nude color." And, as you might recall, Stella's fall collection featured plenty of peek-a-boo lace panels and cut-outs evocative of the nude theme that would surely be featured in the advertisements.

Sephora is already selling the new StellaNude scent, which it describes as "the delicacy of the skin, the softness of rose petals, and the sensuality of silk lingerie."

The $43-an-ounce potion includes notes of Moroccan rose, grapefruit, white peony, pink pepper, vanilla, amber, and musk.

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