Artist Richard Phillips electronically altered one of his paintings to feature MAC makeup. Photo courtesy of MAC

Artist Maira Kalman used MAC eye pencils and lipsticks to do early sketches of this illustration. Photo courtesy of MAC

Photographer Marilyn Minter sprayed a model made-up in MAC with water and glycerin to capture this look. Photo courtesy of MAC

Makeup application can be pure artistry, with the face serving as a canvas.

MAC cosmetics has taken that idea a step further, asking three prominent artists to create works inspired by the cosmetic giant's limited-edition Make-up Art collection.

Working in their individual mediums -- painting, drawing and photography -- the artists drew inspiration from shadows, pencils, glitters and lipsticks to create their interpretations of Fall '09.

  • Richard Phillips - Painter: Using the expert skills of a photo-retoucher, Phillips electronically gave his own painting a MAC makeover with the new eye shadows, blushes and lipsticks.
  • Maira Kalman - illustrator: Famous for her whimsical visual diaries, Kalman first sketched her illustration using MAC eye pencils and lipsticks, ultimately painting in gouache.
  • Marilyn Minter - Photographer: Minter had a makeup artist apply pigments and glitter to the model, then went in and sprayed her with water and glycerin to mess it up. She used a macro lens to capture this uncropped photo.
The Art collection will be available for a limited time starting Aug. 20.