The new Liz Claiborne film series gives a behind-the-scenes look at this Fall 09 ad campaign. Photo: Courtesy of Liz Claiborne

The ever-flamboyant Isaac Mizrahi -- Creative Director of Liz Claiborne New York -- invited a gaggle of bloggers to the company's NYC showroom to fête his newest project -- a behind-the-scenes film about the making of the Fall '09 ad campaign.

The charming footage -- set to hit the Web soon -- is divided into 3 vignettes or "buttons" by the young men of Red Bucket Films, who've also shot short films for Kate Spade and Cynthia Rowley.

All starring Mizrahi, model Coco Rocha, photographer Arthur Elgort, actress and reality star Cloris Leachman and a mix of real women (who span from teenage to senior ), Liz Claiborne's fantastic new ad campaign also features the same eclectic cast in quirky plot lines including teenage love, a lost poodle and a granny stealing a van. Brilliant!

The ads break in September magazines, with a second batch hitting in October and November. You can find the classically chic fashions from the film and campaign in stores and online now.

StyleList caught up with Le Miz for an exclusive chat.

Stylelist: Why did you decide to do a movie for Liz Claiborne?

Isaac Mizrahi: It's a great way to show the brand. It's something slightly unexpected. Liz Claiborne herself was about reaching out to women in Middle America and saying, this brand is really relevant. Now, hiring people like Red Bucket to make these films is just another way I can think of to make this brand more relevant. We thought in the hands of these young people, it made a lot of sense for them to portray the brand and reach out to a different demographic. It's sort of their vision of what went on while we were shooting the ads. The three films are really amusing. They're like Altman- and Cassavetes-esque.

SL: Is Coco Rocha the star on the film?

IM: For me, Liz Claiborne is really not about runways or fashion models. It's about real women. Like Coco is sort of the star of the ad campaign, but really I don't know who the star is. To me, the old lady and the really cute middle-aged one is more interesting or something.

SL: We love your neon pink toenails! They were coral, last time we saw you at The Met.

IM: I decided to go stronger, maybe because it's summer. I paint them all year, but it's just during the summer it shows. Usually only my boyfriend always knows what's going on with my toes. And my dogs.

SL: Where do you get them done?

IM: I go to Bobo's Nails on Sixth Avenue between 12th and 13th [streets in NYC]. They are always open and always have a seat.

If a trip to Mizrahi's favorite nail salon is not geographically possible, try a DIY pedicure.