beyonce curly bangs

Beyoncé lets her curls do their thang. Photo: Freddie Baez, Startraks

Beyoncé has been taking more fashion/beauty risks lately -- a trait we 300% support -- and the mega-star is known for looking glam and polished every time she steps out.

But we're not sure about these curly bangs. On the one hand, she's out enjoying a leisurely lunch with her husband (um, Jay-Z) and shouldn't be expected to be "done" all the time. If she wants to let her hair go au naturel over the weekend, she has every right.

On the other hand, cutting bangs into curly hair is a responsibility that shouldn't be taken lightly. You know going in that your air-drying days are over, lest you end up looking like a poodle.

Or, is this just a case of hat head on a killer new cut?

So, you tell us, what you think of Beyoncé's low-maintenance look: hair hit or miss?

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