Shelly the Stewardess (played by actress Sunny Mabrey) was the epitome of Sixties style in her TWA uniform. Photo: AMC

There's just something so chic and retro about the uniforms flight attendants wore in the Sixties.

So, naturally, we were in fashion heaven during last night's season three premiere of "Mad Men," our favorite show for vintage style.

Dapper Don Draper flies to Baltimore on important ad agency business (along with Salvatore Romano), and -- surprise, surprise -- the handsome devil gets hit on by Shelly the stewardess.

Dressed in her prim and proper TWA uniform, Shelly had Draper wrapped around her white gloved finger.

Don Draper (Jon Hamm) can't resist stewardess Shelly. Photo: AMC

Maybe it was the fitted, three-quarter sleeve jacket with gold buttons, matching knee-length pencil skirt, white blouse, pillbox hat and practical pumps (which even looked first class when she wore them out to dinner).

But, no smoking in uniform -- Tsk. Tsk.

As Romano said, "Shelly, it's been swelly."

If you're as obsessed with vintage flight attendant uniforms as we are, jet on over to this amazing site -- it's mile high on style!

Now, lest you think that airline uniforms have fallen completely off the radar of late, just look at the trouble Delta got into this summer with its bright red dresses!