ellle macpherson

Elle Macpherson dons dVb on "The Beautiful Life" set (left, second from right, right) and at the CW Network Upfronts in May (second from left). Photos: WENN | JPIstudios | Steve Sands, Bauer-Griffin | Bauer-Griffin

A year after Katie Holmes -- last seen sporting a shaggy bob and wearing boyfriend jeans -- escaped Victoria Beckham's fashion clutches, er influence, the enew "American Idol" guest judge seems to have attracted a new Beckham-bot: Elle Macpherson.

The Aussie supermodel/lingerie designer/actress has sported four Beckham-designed dVb frocks this summer -- two of them in the last week on the set of "The Beautiful Life," her new CW series also starring Mischa Barton.

The "Single White Female" activity started in May, when Macpherson attended the CW Upfronts in a black strapless dVb dress which has also been worn by Beckham on numerous occasions.

Since then, "The Body" has been spotted in another black strapless number, a gray peplum-waisted sheath, and, as of yesterday, a white and black wrap-top frock -- all designed and worn by Beckham.

And let's not overlook the giant black sunglasses, a Posh signature. All that's missing is a Birkin bag and a snarl.

So, is Macpherson just preparing to play a British pop star married to a sexy athlete? Nope. Word is she'll be portraying an Eighties supermodel (sound familiar?) who now runs a modeling agency.

Though we'd be pretty PO'ed if another woman started Xeroxing our style, Beckham can't be too annoyed. After all, it's not often you can get a supermodel photographed in your collection... for free!

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