The iconic Muppet Miss Piggy is finally getting her fashion props at a retrospective of her couture ensembles -- Burberry, Jason Wu, Louis Vuitton, etc. -- that just touched down at Macy's State Street location in Chicago.

In addition to glass-encased designer clothing, the display (which is up through August 23) will include Missy Piggy magazine covers, calendars and photos of her most memorable fashion moments and celebrity parodies (Carrie Bradshaw, Claudia Schiffer in the Guess ads and Jane Fonda in leg warmers).

StyleList caught up with the iconic pig fashionista for an exclusive chat, where she gives us her take on Lady Gaga wearing a knock-off Kermit jacket, which, for your information, Miss P. wore first, and what she thinks of Naomi Campbell's temper.

Stylelist: How do you feel about having a fashion retrospective in your honor?

Miss Piggy: I am thrilled whenever I hear the words "in moi's honor," as this almost always involves lots of parties, gifts and air kisses. To be honored for the clothes I have worn is a special treat, since I had to get dressed anyway.,feedConfig,entry&id=693854&pid=693853&uts=1250532760
Miss Piggy Style Through The Decades
In honor of the Macy's retrospective of Miss Piggy style, we look back at her greatest fashion hits.
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Fashion Evolution: Madonna

    Twenty-five years after her self-titled album introduced an entire generation of women to lace fingerless gloves, Madonna is back with her 11th studio creation, Hard Candy. And while we love to "Get into the Groove" as much as the next gal, we're even more obsessed with Madonna's quarter century-long reign as a fashion icon. The queen of reinvention has been a trendsetter since day one -- but that doesn't mean she's always gotten it right!

    Frank Micoletta - WireImage

    Desperately Seeking Susan 1985
    With her sophomore album Like A Virgin, Madonna hit the mainstream. Constant rotation of her videos on MTV combined with her first major film role inspired women around the world to copy her bad-girl look.

    Everett Collection

    Pounding the Pavement 1990
    At age 32, Madonna was already obsessed with keeping her phenomenal bod in shape. This multicolored mess was the pinnacle of early '90s workout chic!

    Ron Galella,

    The Blond Ambition Tour 1990
    Jean Paul Gaultier designed the iconic cone bra costumes for Madonna's smash tour and suddenly, lingerie as outerwear was everywhere!

    Frank Micoletta

    Truth or Dare Premiere 1990
    Only Madge could walk a red carpet in little more than a jeweled body suit, thigh-high stockings and a shock of black hair. We don't even know what to say about her beloved backup singers' jumpsuit.

    Kevin Mazur,

    Madonna and Michael Jackson 63rd Annual Academy Awards 1991
    Who needs Halloween when you're Madonna? The Oscars were just as good a reason to dress up like Marilyn Monroe with one key accessory -- Michael Jackson!

    Ron Galella,

    "Sex" Book Party 1992
    Madonna couldn't decide if she wanted to look like the naughty version of Little Bo Peep or the naughty version of Heidi at the launch party for her controversial photo book "Sex" -- so she chose both!

    Kevin Mazur,

    With Honors Premiere 1994
    Madonna's sari-inspired ensemble showcased her famously toned abs and marked the beginning of her fascination with global fashion.

    Barry King,

    The American Music Awards 1995
    Posing with super producer Babyface, Madonna added red lips and her trademark blond locks to a traditional Chinese dress.

    Jim Smeal,

    "Bedtime Stories" Party 1995
    To celebrate the release of the 6th studio album Bedtime Stories, Madonna hosted a sleepover themed fiesta that was broadcast on MTV. Ironically, at the one event where lingerie was the dress code, the singer looked relatively covered up in a leopard print jacket and white silk dress.

    Ron Galella,

SL: Out of all of your custom-made designer getups -- Prada, YSL, Miu Miu -- which is your favorite?

MP: Oh, it would be impolite and inappropriate to name one favorite designer. I adore all of the designers you name (as well as such close personal friends as Marc Jacobs, whom I'll be wearing -- his clothes, not him -- during Glamorama). But to select one is to offend all the others, and thus endanger the delicate synergy that results in free clothes for moi.

SL: Who are your fashion icons?

MP: Naturally, moi always loved the original goddesses of the silver screen -- Greta Garbo, Bette Davis, Norma Desmond. Such style, such grace...and all in black and white. Just think of what they could have done in hi-def! I am also impressed by stars like Fergie and Beyoncé. They change their look faster than I change my mind! And imagine doing all that with only one name! Marvelous!

SL: How do you feel about Britney Spears' style?

MP: I admire her spunk. She keeps going no matter what.

SL: Lil' Kim?

MP: Lil' Kim's fashion choices are obviously influenced by moi, but then again, who's aren't? My only suggestion to her is: when getting dressed, remember moi's credo: "Accessories alone do not an outfit make."

SL: What about Dolly Parton, are you two still fighting?

MP: Dolly and moi are the dearest of friends and are often mistaken for each other. As for Dolly and I fighting: That's silly! I could never be angry at Dolly. It would be like fighting with myself. I wouldn't know who to root for!

SL: How do you feel about Lady Gaga wearing that Kermit jacket?

MP: It's a knock-off. I've had one of those for years. (Oh, and in case you're worried: it's faux frog, no real frogs were harmed in the making of that jacket.)

SL: You've modeled for the likes of Mert and Marcus and Richard Avedon. Do you think models are too skinny today?

MP: I have never seen the attraction of thinner-than-thin models (and neither has Kermit!). To moi, less is never more. More is more and with moi you get more of what you want, which is moi. Of course, I do enjoy doing photo shoots with super-thin supermodels. I get the caterer all to myself!

SL: You've been known to have a hot temper. Do you relate to Naomi Campbell's cellphone-throwing antics?

Moi is hot, but does not have a "hot temper." Like Naomi, I am simply a demanding perfectionist. Unlike her, I would never throw a cell phone. If I hurl something, it's big, heavy and leaves a mark.

SL: Do you cringe looking back at your 80's wedding dress?

MP: I never cringe at what I've worn. I simply try to look past the clothes to see moi's inner beauty, which remains timeless and younger looking every year. And if that doesn't work, I try to destroy all the pictures.

SL: You had a brief brunette moment in 2005 at the Tribeca Film Festival. Would you ever do that again?

MP: Absolutely. I believe that hair color is a mere punctuation on the epic story that is moi. Sometimes it's an exclamation point, sometimes a question mark, and on rare occasions, a semi-colon right parenthesis emoticon.

SL: You are a beauty pageant veteran. What do you think of Miss Universe Japan's controversial "national costume" outfit: tacky or more power to her?

MP: As a fashionista who sets trends and dares to challenge the status quo, I would never question someone else's fashion choice. As a woman, however, I wouldn't let her near my frog wearing that.

Speaking of pageants, we have to confess to one of our favorite pastimes of late. As wrong as it is, we have a feeling we're not alone!