Ali Hewson and Stella McCartney in London's HIgh Court

Ali Hewson (left) loses an emergency injunction motion against Stella McCartney (right). Photos: Getty Images

And Round 1 goes to Stella McCartney! In the trademark battle between two famously eco-friendly fashionistas, Bono's wife Ali Hewson's Nude Brands Limited lost a motion for an emergency injunction against Stella McCartney's StellaNude fragrance in UK"s High Court yesterday, reports the Daily Mail UK.

Hewson's motion sought to stop McCartney from selling products with StellaNude name until the final decision from the trial, which isn't slated to start until next year.

The presiding judge, Justice Floyd noted that £4.1 million British pounds (that's $6.75 million US dollars) of StellaNude had already been manufactured for distribution, so stopping the launch by imposing the emergency injunction would cause a "'massive disruption to their business,'" cites the source.

But for Nude, it was not a total loss. Justice Floyd made sure to highlight the worthiness of the case saying that Nude had a "clearly arguable claim of trademark infringement against the Stella Nude perfume," Vogue UK reported.

And Hewson's Nude is speaking about the suit publicly for the first time: "In May 2008, when asked for permission to use the trade mark 'Nude' for a Stella McCartney perfume, Nude -- though great admirers of Stella McCartney -- respectfully refused as a Nude scent [by Hewson's Nude brand] is forthcoming," adds the site.

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