Lady Gaga Vampire Fangs

Lady Gaga arrives at Heathrow Airport in London in a truly blood-sucking ensemble. Photo: Matrix/Flynetpictures

Try as you might, there's just no getting away from the ubiquitous vampire trend. If it's not Twilight, it's "True Blood."

And if it's not "True Blood," it's Lady Gaga turning up at Heathrow Airport in London yesterday wearing fangs and a leather Star of David jacket studded with spikes (over a thong leotard and fishnets, of course).

No longer content to be riffing on Madonna's style (not to mention Kermit's), the Gagster seems to be taking her fashion cues from Dracula.

Never mind that her vampire teeth are less Edward Cullen and more cotton-mouthed Don Corleone. We hope she has a hanky for the drool.

We've long since stopped questioning the reasoning behind the singer's envelope-pushing ensembles, but one question does remain: how the heck did that jacket get through security?

We can't wait to see what oddball creation Lady Gaga assembles for her Marc Jacobs Fashion Week party. Who will she reference next? The anticipation is killing us.

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