Beauty editors' dirty little secret: Bumpits! Photo: bumpits.com

Okay -- I have a confession to make: I bought Bumpits.

Granted, they were purchased for my "Big Love" compound-girl Halloween costume (I like to start early), but still. I own Bumpits! And apparently, I'm not alone. Bumpits are everywhere! And people are using them!

What started as a campy TV phenomenon (don't you love how exasperated the model is with her limp hair?; a whole can of hairspray won't fix that!), has infiltrated retail chains -- I got mine at Claire's -- and drugstores everywhere.

So it was only a matter of time before people (even super-jaded NYC fashion folks) gave in a tried them out.

Because really, they're kind of perfect for creating splashy, editorial hair styles. I got to thinking about it recently when I was on a photo shoot and watched as the hair stylist mercilessly teased the model's fine hair so he could sweep it into a sexy, volumized updo. You know what would have made it easier? Bumpits!

Suddenly people started coming out of the woodwork as closet Bumpits-fans. The most surprising revelation was when I was at a fancy-shmancy magazine party and overheard the beauty editors from the publication talking about how they secretly use (you guessed it!) Bumpits.

Bumpits come in three sizes; the big one is my choice for "Big Love" hair, and for the life of me I can't figure out what to do with the tiny one. So the medium-size one seems to the best choice for non-cheesy updos or if you want to do a retro, Betty from "Mad Men" look in short hair.

Yes -- that was an entire post about Bumpits. You know you're going down to Claire's to get one right now! So busted.