tucker gaby basora

Tucker designer Gaby Besora with her sons. Photo: Courtesy of Tucker

Perhaps you've heard of the label Tucker, but do you know the woman behind the brand? Meet designer Gaby Basora who has been making the bold patterned (but not boldly priced) separates for three years.

StyleList: How did you get your start?
Gaby Basora:
I was a stylist, and like any stylist, would occasionally get things made for jobs and everyone loved the pieces. Especially, this one blouse. I wore it all the time. Friends started to ask if I would make them one and encouraged me to sell them.

A friend of mine who had a line of hair products at Barneys insisted I show this blouse to her contact. I showed up to the meeting with the sample blouse (which I had been wearing for ten days straight) and a piece of lined-paper with fabric swatches stapled to it -- they bought everything I had!

SL: What can a women expect from Tucker?

Tucker is definitely spirited and a little bit whimsical. I am going to say courageous -- in that it's a lot of print. If you put something on and feel amazing in it, and it's something you would have never thought looked good on you, that's exciting.

The Tucker blouse that launched the business. Photo: Courtesy of Tucker

SL: Who do you count among your fans?
GB: In terms of celebrities: Drew Barrymore wears Tucker a lot. Liv Tyler called the studio herself trying to track down some pieces. Kelly Ripa loves Tucker. Jessica Biel...Tucker went on a date with Justin TImberlake!

SL: Tell us about your upcoming Spring 2010 collection.
GB: We have a whole lot of new shapes. There is a photographer named Miroslav Tichy and his photographs are the inspiration for Spring. This amazing guy hand-fashioned these crazy-looking cameras and took pictures -- like stolen moments -- of girls through the bushes, at the beach, sunbathing at a pool, at a cafe...

The photos are really textural. And there are so many different types of women, kind of like the Tucker woman: These young girls, older women, women at work, on the street, at the park... this slice of life. And I feel Tucker really exists in that world; a day in the life.

SL: Are you working on any collaborations for Spring?

GB: Yes, Zoe Cassavettes is designing a capsule collection for spring! And I am also working with Romon Yang, who is a graffiti artist (aka Rostarr), a painter and an artist. We are doing three fabrics, limited edition and only available for the season.

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