Katy Perry Fruit Costumes

Singer Katy Perry is clearly bananas for fruity getups. Photos: Larry Busacca, Getty Images I Shirlaine Forrest, WireImage I Noel Vasquez, Getty Images I Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

Is there a support group for people obsessed with fruit? Because we'd like to send Katy Perry.

The vivacious, flamboyantly fashionable singer -- who has already confessed to a fondness for "Cherry Chapstick" -- rocked this past weekend's V Festival in Chelmsford, England wearing a sparkly bustier bursting with strawberries (above, second from left), which shall heretofore be known as Exhibit A.

Behold, her other ambrosial antics:

Exhibit B: Her sequined Carmen-Miranda-on-acid frock adorned with fake bananas, grapes and strawberries (above, left) donned at the Grammys in February.

Exhibit C: The seed-studded watermelon romper (above, right) she wore for a performance on "Today" in August 2008.

Exhibit D: Perhaps, most damning of all, a giant banana peel (above, second from right) from which she emerged for the 2008 KIIS FM Jingle Ball.

It's comforting that Perry's getting her beauty-boosting daily allowance of fruit, but we think the girl might be turning into a fruit loop.

It's also making us really hungry, and confused. We don't know if we should sing along, spit seeds or wait impatiently for her to ripen.

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