Lily Allen: Fixated on face paint. Photos: FilmMagic | Getty Images | WireImage

Most of us gave up the face paint back in the third grade.

Then again, most of us aren't Lily Allen.

Having clearly grown bored with candy-colored wigs and wedding dresses, the British singer/Chanel ad campaign star seems to have zeroed in on a new style statement -- excessive eye makeup.

Last month, she kicked things off with shimmery silver panda eyes.

Then she turned up for Sweden's Way Out West Festival on August 14 sporting metallic lids that looked like a disco ball mated with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

A week later, her painting took on a sense of patriotism, supporting England's cricket team with a St. George's flag on her cheek.

And sure enough, the trend wormed its way into this past weekend's V Festival in England, as Allen took the stage with bold blue Hamburglar-style peepers.

So is Allen the second coming of Adam Ant, or just Jem? Or does the girl just have way too much time on her hands?

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