Anna Wintour in the same Carolina Herrera dress at the CFDA Awards in June and arriving at the David Letterman show yesterday. Photos: Jennifer Graylock, | John P Iblis,

We never thought we'd see the day when Anna Wintour would commit such an obvious fashion faux pas. But, that day is upon us.

As we reported earlier, the famed Vogue editor appeared on David Letterman last night in a black and white floral frock by Carolina Herrera, sunglasses (which she promptly took off) and a chunky necklace. But this getup started looking mighty familiar after we toiled on it some more.

Indeed, the editrix wore the same outfit (with an added fur chubby and some tweaks in the jewelry and shoes department) at the 2009 CFDA Awards on June 15 of this year.

And while we're all for wearing things twice (or, gasp, more than twice), it seems a little odd for someone like Wintour to wear the same very recognizable outfit to two very high profile appearances.

When quizzed by Letterman, perhaps instead of suggesting purchasing lipstick in lieu of clothing as the logical answer to a slashed fashion budget, Wintour should have stated the obvious: make use of what you already have.

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