hemming my way

Prevent too-long jeans from dragging without ever going to the tailor. Brilliant! Photo: HemmingMyWay

Tired of having to buy her favorite jeans in multiple lengths so she can wear them with heels and flats, and fed up with shelling out big bucks to have too-long jeans professionally hemmed, fellow AOL staffer Allison Mezzifonte decided to try HemmingMyWay, a product designed to solve both problems. Here's what she thought.

Denim commercials drive me nuts! A model slides into her favorite pair of jeans, slips on her shoes and runs out the door. She makes it look so effortless, so unlike real life -- particularly mine.

I've spent more time than I care to admit finagling my jeans -- stretching them out only to shrink them in the dryer later, cuffing them, faking a hem with pins (ouch!), ironing a crease and (wait for it!), taping up the underside with electrical tape.

Having jeans hemmed nicely can cost a pretty penny. Let's just say it's money I'd rather not spend, especially after grappling with the decision to buy not one, but two pairs of my favorite jeans -- one for flats and one for heels. Essentially, I've been spending money on top of money to get jeans that fit properly.

So, it comes as no surprise that I was intrigued when I saw HemmingMyWay, an adhesive snap hem designed by actress Melissa George and writer Kara Harshbarger.

(Note: When StyleList asked George which celebrity's pants she'd most like to hem or get her product on, she said, "I'd love to hem Oprah's pants. No one's enthusiasm matches Oprah's.")

A set of four costs $21, and is just enough for one hem job and lasts up to eight washings. I got my hands on a set and here's the scoop.

In the package, there are four thin, flexible plastic strips with adhesive backing to stick to the inside bottom of your pant leg. They snap together to "hem" your pants. See a demo here.

If you're like me and want instant gratification after buying a new pair of jeans (read: wear immediately), it's not so easy to do when your new pants need to be hemmed. That's where HemmingMyWay comes to the rescue.

For the lazy girl who has a stack of jeans waiting to be tailored, or all the impatient ladies who want to wear new jeans, stat!, these were made for you!

You'll get shorter pants that won't drag and tear as you hustle down the street and pants that can be made longer by simply unsnapping the plastic strips so you can slip on heels and not look like the flood's about to hit.

Survey says: While these won't give you a seam or the finish of a professionally-tailored hem, the strips will get the job done and, the best part of all, save you money and time.

StyleList's final take: Why didn't we think of that?!