poppy king

Lipstick aficionado Poppy King with her signature red pout. Photo courtesy of Lipstick Queen

You may have noticed that lipstick is back in a huge way, and no one is more excited than longtime lipstick-advocate, Poppy King, beauty entrepreneur and founder of the only-for-lips collection Lipstick Queen.

Poppy, who started making lipsticks at age 18 when she couldn't find shades and colors reminiscent of glamorous Old Hollywood, has been rocking her signature matte red pout since she was a teenager.

But at the time, the beauty industry was pushing frosty pastels, followed by the sheer gloss phenomenon, leaving poor Poppy all alone with her pro-lipstick stance. "You may have noticed that no one has worn lipstick for the past decade," says Poppy. "It was me and all the grannies."

But lipstick is back -- and Poppy is stoked. "I saw three women under 25 walking down the street, all wearing lipstick. I haven't seen that in 10 years!"

Poppy launched her lip color brand Lipstick Queen in 2007, right when the tide started to turn, so the collection has been a terrific success -- thanks to the gorgeous colors and rich textures. I asked Poppy her recommendation for the quintessential fall lip color, and she said, "Sheer wine-red...think of it as a blood-red. It's the must-have shade for fall and it will last you right on through to spring."

Lipstick Queen's Medieval lip color is just that -- a perfect, sheer "blood-red" that makes lips look pretty, not overdone.

For women who aren't ready to abandon their lip gloss just yet, Poppy has her newest launch, Fifteen Minutes of Fame Pop Art Gloss, which includes 15 shades of what she calls, "clear, bright, unadulterated color. No shimmer whatsoever -- I think this is the new frontier of lip gloss."

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