upper eyelid lifter

Look wide-awake with the new Upper Eyelid Lifter from the makers of Hylexin. Photo courtesy of Bremenn Research Labs

You saw it here first! Bremenn Research Labs, the creator of dark circle treatment/phenomenon Hylexin has three new products designed to fix stubborn problems every woman has to deal with at some point in her life.

Bremenn has impressive data proving that these new treatments actually do work, and they're not too good to be true! You won't see 'em in stores until January, but check out Bremenn's website if you just can't wait that long.

Upper Eye Lid Lifter - Sagging upper eye lids are one of the first signs of aging -- and one of the hardest to treat. This product has unique peptides and amino acids to lift and tighten the thin skin below your brows. Considering your other option is surgery, this sounds pretty good.

Emergency Zit Stick - This ultra concentrated, clear formula instantly starts to reduce redness and heal those unexpected pimple. But the key difference between this and other zit-zappers is Bremenn's priority to keep it from drying out the skin. And -- here's the cool part -- you can apply it over your makeup!

Butt Lift In A Box - OK. It sounds a tad ridiculous (Swedish Penis Enlarger comes to mind..) but hey, if you have a flat, flabby bottom with cellulite, maybe it's worth a try? This system has three steps; a Plumping Catalyst, Lifting & Firming Emulsion and a stretchy exercise band with butt-toning exercise instructions.

A smooth, lifted tush! Didn't you hear? Curves are in!