vivienne westwood voodoo doll

Vivienne Westwood gets the voodoo doll treatment. Photo courtesy of Whoodoo Dolls

Ever see a skinny, smoking-hot supermodel decked out in designer gear and suddenly become filled with blinding rage?

Well now you can take out that deep-seated aggression via Whoodoo Dolls, quirky handmade voodoo dolls from England that resemble "desperate celebs" including Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, and, yes, even a coke-snorting Kate Moss, a toothy and jowled designer Vivienne Westwood (right) and a boxing glove-outfitted Naomi Campbell. (Note to injured photographers and former Campbell employees: The line forms to the left.)

Designed by British artist group The Kuntists (who sell a small selection on Etsy), the felt dolls measure 6" x 3" and can be customized with a key ring or suction-cup so you can curse on the go.

To see the full collection of dolls in all their drug-abusing, boob-flashing provocative glory, click here.

So how about it? Still nursing a grudge over Moss dating your number-one crush Johnny Depp? Just want to poke at Campbell in hopes that she gets thunder thighs? Looking to deliver some harsh justice on Westwood for over-use of plaid? You know what to do...

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