miley cyrus pole dancing

Miley Cyrus on a pole. Not everyone is amused. Photo: Kevin Mazur,

Miley Cyrus's recent flirtation with pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards has offended a somewhat unlikely constituency: pole dancers.

Stripper poles "are not for the use of children," said Diane Passage sternly Wednesday night, when she hosted a launch party for an upcoming pole-dancing-themed benefit that has become something of a sensation in fashionable New York.

A practitioner of the vertical art herself, Passage has corralled dancer and choreographer Cris Judd (a.k.a the second Mr. Jennifer Lopez), actor Jason Patric (himself a Julia Roberts ex-bf) and "Survivor" winner Jenna Morasca to support an organization called S.P.I.N. (Single Parents In Need).

"S.P.I.N. will raise money for after-school projects in Harlem and the general welfare of children with single parents," Passage explained, as an athletically-gifted young woman rotated upside down on a pole erected in the middle of the dance floor of the Pink Elephant nightclub.

Event organizers also helpfully distributed stickers with the picture of Miss Cyrus's infamous ice cream cart/pole dance contraption and the motto "not for the use of children."

The worthy cause and unusual entertainment brought out a smattering of uptown-types who might more usually be found in the salons of society hostesses like Georgette Mosbacher.

The launch party was to drum up interest in the main event -- the "Pole Superstar" benefit -- which will take place on Oct. 1, and include a pole dance competition.

Visitors to the web site are invited to preview the finalists -- and have until Sept. 15 to vote on who should compete. Tell your wife it's for a good cause!

Even if you're not able to make this event, maybe you want to try pole dancing for yourself. Find out why here!