Target will turn its Times Square billboards featuring four artists into Anna Sui-designed tote bags once the displays come down. Photo courtesy of Target

Eco-friendly meets art meets fashion in this very cool recycling project.

So, check this out! From Labor Day through the end of October, Target will feature commissioned art on its Times Square, NYC billboards.

The giant graphics are by emerging artists including Michael Anderson, Laurie Rosenwald, Charles Wilkin and Josh Goldstein. Pretty cool, right?

But here's what we're really psyched about: When the art exhibit is over, the vinyl from the billboards will be used to create 1,600 limited edition, upcycled bags, using an Anna Sui tote bag design.

A sneak peek at what Target's limited edition Anna Sui-designed totes will look like. Photo courtesy of Target

Each bag will be made from 90 percent recycled flex bulletin vinyl with rock 'n' roll (of course, it's Sui, after all!) details like black enamel studs.

The bags will retail for $29.99 at starting Sept. 4 until they're gone.

And now it gets even cooler -- buyers get to select which artist's work they want to have made into their bag, which will ship in early January.

So, if you want to say you collaborated on the bag's design, we'll let it slide.

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