Do these boobs look jabbed to you? Photo: Eamonn McCormack, WireImage | James Devaney, WireImage.

Is Jennifer Aniston looking a little more voluptuous these days?

That's what her friends are telling Grazia magazine, reports The Daily Mail. Sources say Aniston's cleavage is perkier thanks to Macrolane injections, which have boosted her bosom an entire cup size.

Or as The Daily Mail calls it "a lunch time boob jab." Appetizing!

The jab in question is Macrolane, an injectible gel that's been nicknamed the "boob jab" in the UK and Europe. A non-surgical procedure that temporarily enhances the volume of the breasts, it's made of nonanimal hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that's already found in the body.

Look at the photo and tell us what you think. Is Aniston a boob jabber, or just a victim of boob blabber?