The reason Kate Moss is called a supermodel and roses will never be the same!

As the face of the new Yves Saint Laurent fragrance Parisienne (which launches this fall), the model/designer brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the luxe brand's ad campaign. And by je ne sais quoi, we mean hotness. She's sexy, provocative, gorgeous and then some.

There's no confusion as to what's going on in this commercial, which may have many a straight-laced American blushing when it hits the airwaves in October.

But isn't this what all women secretly desire to be? A mysterious stranger in a leather bustier and killer heels, um, enjoying herself on a bed of roses? Yeah, thought so.

And that is why Moss can emerge from scandals and stay on the top of her game -- because she is that woman. And we want to live vicariously through her.

More proof that Ms. Moss is hotter than ever? Take a look at her rock-inspired Fall 2009 Topshop Campaign.