Sit-ups are overrated! Take 10 pounds off with these figure flattening "Control Tweed" pants. Photos:

Pants that make it look like you lost 10 pounds? Um, yes please.

The term "control top" usually conjures up the image of a middle-aged woman (with bad hair) stuffed into sausage casing-like, stomachache-inducing biker shorts.

Enter ShapeFX -- the people who brought you the wedding dress with built-in shapewear -- Perfect-Fit Control Pants: a collection of chic trousers "designed to make the body you have, look like the body you want." (We want that body!)

That's a tall order, but if they do indeed whip potbellies, thunder thighs and huge hips into shape, then these pants will be walking off the racks faster than you can say "muffin top."

The secret is the one-two punch of the "built-in power mesh panty" that flattens the belly while lifting and shaping the butt and the "straight-cut leg" which gives a long, sinewy look.

Think of them as the total opposite to those fat pants with the expanding waistline that Joey wore on a Thanksgiving episode of "Friends."

Available in assorted colors, fabrics and styles including a nubby tweed for work, a classic black for everyday and va-va-voom leather for a night out.

The pants mentioned range from $59 - $129 at