Is this what happens when TV shows start making their characters cut back on clothing costs? Photo: James Devaney, WireImage

You know it's a recession when even make-believe fashionistas are cutting back on sartorial spending!

"Ugly Betty's" Vanessa Williams tells WWD that her character, editor Wilhelmina Slater on the ABC show is even budgeting her wardrobe this season.

"With the economic situation what it is, we scaled down in terms of type of clothing that we're getting. There was a Naeem Kahn dress that went for $3,000, and they watched it and watched it and by the time we got it, it was like $800. So we are being mindful of the budget and waiting for markdowns on Ugly Betty," the actress tells the source.

So, if a fashion magazine's editor-in-chief is making wardrobe cuts, what about our other prime-time favorites?

With her quirky style sense, America Ferrara's Betty can get by on thrift shop duds, but where would Lloyd from "Entourage" be without his snazzy ties?

Will the "Grey's Anatomy" doctors stay in scrubs 24/7, foregoing Seattle Grace's local bar for the sake of not having to change into actual clothes.

What if "Dancing with the Stars" ditches those over-the-top bedazzled costumes in favor of plain leotards. (Okay, this is getting depressing!)

The fashion possibilities (and tragedies) are endless. But, at least, there's one show's wardrobe that won't suffer from these leaner times: "Lost" -- they're already bare-minimum chic!

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