Lee Redmond Longest Fingernails

The way we were: Lee Redmond shows off her record-holding nails. Photo: Gary Gershoff, Getty Images

Holy SWV!

Our gag reflexes are feeling a little sensitive after reading the Telegraph's interview with Lee Redmond, a 68-year-old (yep, really) great-grandmother whose 28-foot-4-inch-long fingernails were cut short -- literally -- in a car crash.

Speaking publicly for the first time since her accident (cough, divine intervention), the Salt Lake City, Utah native said she cried after realizing that her calf-skimming nails had broken in the crash, the paper reports. (We're not even sure how she was able to open a car door!)

''Losing my fingernails has been the most dramatic thing that's happened in my life," Redmond told the paper. "But then when you think about it, you know our whole life could end in a second, not just part of the body, but your whole life.''

Redmond's talons, which she told the paper had not been cut since 1979 and Jimmy Carter was in office, had won her international notoriety and the Guinness World Records female title for the longest fingernails. (Again, with the gag reflex!)

Though nail polish profits may plummet, Redmond mercifully has no plans to regrow her nails to their far-reaching, record-breaking heyday, the paper reports. (Though, we can't help but notice that her "shorter" 4.5-inch nails look suspiciously like chopsticks.)

''There really is more to me than my fingernails," she told the Telegraph.

Redmond and her long-lost nails will appear in the 2010 edition of the Guinness World Records alongside the male holder of the longest fingernails title, Melvin Boothe, in an image taken three months before her car crash, the paper reports. Warning: Don't look if you ever want to eat corn chips again.

There is just one thing that has us, um, scratching our heads: the kind female bystander Redmond describes -- in a Telegraph video -- collecting the fingernail fragments post-crash. WTF?

Hey, we're all for being a Good Samaritan, but we draw the line at touching other people's fingernail clippings!

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