Ann Taylor has a whole new look. Photo courtesy of Ann Taylor

It used to be you'd go to Ann Taylor upon college graduation for an "interview" suit. Your chose black, navy or brown and went on your merry way, looking like every other fem-bot in the workforce.

And as your style grew and evolved, well, Ann Taylor, kind of stayed, well, the same.

Hold onto your navy and whites, because the brand just relaunched in stores and online. Gone are the stodgy separates, replaced by sleek and sophisticated looks that are modern with a capital "M."

"We've continued with the classics of Ann Taylor, but have updated it to make it more modern and elegant," Style DIrector Kristin Rawson told StyleList. "We're stylizing our current customer and are looking to attract new customers."

The company says the inspiration comes from the Ann Taylor archives dating back to 1954. Consequently, there are vintage-y references in the company's slim skirts, great jackets (including a boyfriend silhouette and a long "lady" coat), several Michelle Obama-worthy sheaths and textures like tweed and bouclé.

Style with class. Photo courtesy of Ann Taylor.

"We updated the fabrics, the fit and are definitely trying to incorporate color into the collection," Rawson continued.

In addition, the design of the accessories, shoes and bags has been brought in-house and is reflective of the collection's new look. "We want our customer to be gorgeous and vibrant."

The company is even taking the plunge and having a runway show on September 17, during New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Touted as its first, "See now, wear now runway show," the company is definitely trying to maximize its exposure by inviting, "celebrities, top magazine editors and even some of our customers," Rawson said.

Ann Taylor might not be dressing us only for interviews anymore, but in this economy it's still important to interview well. Here are some tips if you're on the job hunt.