ThreeAsFour and Yoko Ono

ThreeAsFour designers Gabi, Adi and Ange (left) has teamed up with Yoko Ono (right) for a lower-priced line. Photos: Getty Images

It was a good week for style mavens on a budget.

First, Richard Chai announced a new less expensive collection, "Richard Chai-Love," and now avant-garde label ThreeAsFour is going price-friendly as well.

ThreeAsFour's lower line, "Iconoclastic," will have a rock 'n' roll edge, so the designers went straight to the source -- Yoko Ono, reports WWD. (We predict the line could either be a huge success or break up the sartorial trio.)

The new design foursome banded together to work on the label's spring 2010 collection. And as an artsy bonus, the collection will feature some of artist-musician Ono's rarely seen dot-drawings, says the source.

"I was always interested in expressing art through clothes. I think there is an incredible connection. It's almost like sculpture, but you can wear them," Ono tells the WWD.

In an expected (and welcome) twist, the pricey line is making Ono's edgy leanings more accessible by lowering price points. Usually, ThreeAsFour pieces retail for around $1,000, but this collaboration will have price points ranging from $111 to $888, reports the site.

Inspired by the colors of the sky -- shades of black, white and ice blue -- the collaboration will debut at New York Fashion Week, where Ono and son Sean Lennon will provide the music for the presentation.

As to how the collaboration came about, the designers met Ono at a private concert she gave in her loft. Adi tells WWD, "Yoko was always and is our hero and muse."

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