anna wintour with neon clutch

Anna Wintour, fashion's most influential player. Photo Mike Coppola, Getty Images

Not surprisingly, Anna Wintour grabbed the #1 spot on Forbes Most Influential Fashion Editors list for 2009 (after coming in #2 last year).

And while few can argue with the supreme Vogue editrix's rank (especially after seeing the power she wields in "The September Issue"), some of the rest of the list leaves us scratching our heads.

Rounding out the top 10 are:

To compile the list, Forbes looked at editors of monthly U.S.-based magazines that feature a significant amount of fashion content, then they considered circulation, advertising pages and ad revenue from last year to this year, as well as traffic at the magazines' corresponding Web sites to fill out the top spots.

But we're wondering if all of that criteria really ads up to the most influential editors in fashion. Even if More had a 9% increase in ad sales and Marie Claire is desperately trying to maximize exposure through reality shows "Project Runway" and "Running In Heels," are they really more influential on the industry than the ground-breaking spreads and portraiture in W, V and Interview, or the playful spirit of Nylon and Teen Vogue?

We're thinking a recount might be in order (as well as an inclusion of other non-editor-in-chiefs, like Vogue's magical Grace Coddington or Marie Claire's Nina Garcia).

What do you think, did Forbes get it right, or did they overlook some deserving editors? Leave a comment below.

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