Lady GaGa Red Carpet

The lady is a vamp: Lady Gaga hits the red carpet channeling a dominatrix-inspired Dracula. Photo: Anita Bugge, WireImage

Say what you will about Lady Gaga -- and trust us, we have -- but you can't accuse her of being boring ... sartorially, speaking.

The pop tart has given us Muppets, hairy hats, fangs and now she's dazzled us with...

Dominatrix Marilyn Monroe meets "Phantom of the Opera?!?"

Gaga turned up to Berlin's Monster Cable party looking somewhat demure (for her) in a wavy blonde wig, eyes obscured by a black lace sleep mask of sorts and a skin-tight bustier-topped latex dress (better suited for an episode of HBO's "Real Sex").

And lest we think she's abandoned her vampire fetish, the Gagster accessorized with a shiny black cape that screamed: "Dracula: The Disco Years."

It's not the first time the singer has worn a Marilyn wig with a mask -- although at least this time we can see her face -- and something tells us it won't be the last.

You'll have to hit the fabric store if you want a lacy "Poker Face" of your own, but if the Gaga gear is on your wish list, take heart.

The star has just announced that she is partnering up with Dr. Dre to launch Heartbeats by Lady Gaga by Monster Cable, a line of jewel-shaped headphones out in October.

Admit it -- you're desperate to have some Gaga goodness in your ear.

Want to see Lady Gaga minus the out-there costumes? Click here to see her in her birthday suit.